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ONLINE training - How to paint a resin picture?

Feb 4, 2023 - Feb 4, 2023

  • 1Day


So far I have been conducting stationary training, now also in the form of a teleconference call, still as individual training :) The theoretical knowledge that we will discuss covers the same scope as in the case of stationary workshops, i.e.: • What is resin? • Resin application as an art form • List of materials you need to create your first resin painting • Drying time and sanding • How and with what to dye the resin? • Creating the so-called. cells • How to prevent the resin from boiling? • How much epoxy to prepare? • What to do with the bubbles? • Painting composition • How to paint a resin picture? - step by step instruction • How to clean tools and hands from resin? • What to do when in the image imperfections are visible? • Cons of resin art • Security measures After theory, it's time for practice, i.e. pouring images ONLINE live with my extensive comments and hints! When creating your first or subsequent paintings in your resin making career, I will pay attention to every detail during the resin pouring process. The great advantage of the workshop is your comfort without having to travel to me and conducting the training in the comfort of your home, while being instructed under my watchful eye! Duration: approx. 5h


PLN 749.00


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