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ONLINE resin workshop


A few words about the workshop

From the moment I decided to conduct resin workshops, my goal is to share with others the secrets I have learned from working with resin and to help those who have a passion to create! I know how frustrating it can be when you don't know where to start, or when you're in an artistic stagnation and need inspiration! I hope that the resin workshop that I conduct in the form of an ONLINE meeting will help you try something new!.

Resin is a great working medium because you can make almost anything out of it! Use what you learn in my workshops and be creative! You can create a painting to hang in the living room or decorate a coffee table top with resin to spice up the interior!


During the workshop, I will teach you how to deal with resin and create a work of art!

I will discuss the basics of working with resin, the necessary tools, up to the finish of your painting.

If you love to create - you will surely like this training!

Have a nice resin day!


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