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How to place an individual order for an artwork?

In addition to art that I paint as a result of inspiration or emotions, I also make artworks on custom order, in accordance with your vision and expectations.



I will help you choose the color, format and style, which will perfectly match the work of art to your interior, in which you will ultimately present it.


All the works are one-of-a-kind, unique, there simply will not be another piece that is the same as the one made for you. At your request, I am able to paint an artwork similar or very similar to the one you send me as inspiration.



Prices of the art depends primarily on the size, accessories that are used to create it or other aspects. After joint and detailed consultations, I will prepare a quote and execution of the contract.


Use e-mail: and send me a message in the content with the dimensions, colors and other useful suggestions that will be helpful in creating the work. Pictures of the interior are welcome, in which there will be an art piece or inspiration on which I could base on.

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