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Hello, my name is Natalia ...

. . . and I pour artworks with resin. My art is mostly abstractions, thanks to which I really feel freedom to create and no restrictions. I grew up in the north of Poland, less than an hour's drive from the Baltic Sea, where I've spent most of my holidays. I love seaside landscapes, therefore, apart from abstractions, I create bird's-eye views of the sea. I hope that thanks to my art pieces, each art collector will be able to see what only imagination brings to mind. Possibilities are endless.


I create in my home, in a room arranged as a studio, when silence falls and time slows down. I am a self-taught artist. I spend many hours perfecting my workshop and creating more and more beautiful artworks. I discovered my artistic talent already in elementary school and junior high school, where my homeworks from art classes stood out from my friends and colleagues. For many years my passion for creation remained, for some reason, completely dormant. Only recently, when I settled in my home with my husband and newborn child, I decided that I wanted to return to creating, not with "ordinary" paints, but with resin. Resin is an unpredictable medium, that with the right technique and a bit of idea, creates fascinating results. I want my art to be enjoyable to collectors eyes, sofisticated, elegant, timeless.


Initially, I created for myself, then enthusiasts of modern art came to me with individual orders for paintings. Thanks to the photos of their interiors, listening to the expectations regarding the size, colors and effect, I can subtly convey the character of a given person and interior.

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